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Wednesday, March 4, 2020 at 2:30 PM UTC

While being at Engage these days, I had the chance to ask many people in person if they knew, where in the world our European OpenNTF rollup-banner might be. The last time I had it was when I ordered it and brought it to Brussels last year. Then I sent it to Munich to the Social Connections event. Afterwards we lost track.

I talked to people from Switzerland, who presumably took it with them. They said, someone else from Germany took it to RNUG later in 2019. It appears it never showed up over there. 

So I use the chance as I gain your unrestrained attention:

Can you tell me where it is? If you know, please contact me via a comment below, via Twitter or at

Thank you! Smile

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Jan Krejcarek wrote on 06.03.2020, 13:05

Hi, Oliver, we, the Sutol, have it. Someone brought it to Prague last November and left it there. But we will not give it easily! If You want it, come to Prague on May 12 and claim it ;-)

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Ivan Kuzmenkov wrote on 06.03.2020, 07:37

Oliver, unfortunately, we could not remember such roll-up at the RNUG Forum in Moscow and also checked all the left staff. nothing like what you are seeking. Sorry for that

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Ivan Kuzmenkov wrote on 05.03.2020, 16:52

Oviler, I will ask our RNUG marketing team...

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