Notes is dead?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at 2:34 AM UTC

A few days ago I found a discouraging blog post about a freelancer's situation regarding finding projects and customers in the IBM Notes/Domino area. As this guy is one of the most valuable sources for that technology I wonder how IBM Notes and Domino will proceed in being a strong part of the business infrastructures in my country (Germany).

Everyday I read a lot of IBM Notes/Domino stuff, valuable tipps and tricks for that technology, especially for XPages, but all the sources I use are based in the U.S. or in other parts of the world. Even in other EU-countries like The Netherlands, Denmark or the U.K. seem to me that there is still a large emphasis on this platform. Is this just some misunderstanding? Or is Germany just going away from IBM Notes and Domino?

My current business situation is leading me into a new company that deals with Microsoft SharePoint and stuff. So I also have to ask the question: what I am supposed to do in one year? Where are you, IBM?

From my point of view IBM Notes and Domino cannot be beaten in so many aspects, yet. There is no platform in the world that survived over the past 25 years due to adapting modern technologies and present requirements. 

Mistakes were made and there is always room for improvements. The traditional Notes Client will die soon but the Domino platform will survive - even the german customers might have other opinions.

Just my 2 cents...

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Panu Haaramo wrote on 25.10.2013, 12:00

What should and probably will happen is that XPages will become a separate
development tool/plarform, maybe with a brand new name. Upon install you can
choose if you want to install also Domino or not. Hopefully IBM will then
market it as THE IBM web development tool.

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