Right out of hell - Domino Designer

Sunday, September 1, 2019 at 2:00 AM UTC

Since Notes 8 we have to use Domino Designer with Eclipse as the underlying framework. I never made bones about that I hate Eclipse in any flavor. In my opinion it’s the worst IDE you can work with. It’s unstable, it’s huge and slow - and dumb as fuck until you get the right plugins. Too many cooks spoiled the broth.

Domino Designer on Eclipse (DDE) is even worse. It introduced ODP and source code export. Man, this never made it to my favorite parts, but when using it on network or shared drives it’s even worse. So the first lesson to learn here is: NEVER EVER use a Git repo from a network drive in DDE. It will screw up. In a VM or Docker image always use a native folder with the source code. It needs more space but you keep sane.

This won’t save you from having troubles at all, no, when you try to use DDE 10 things get even worse (again?). My suggestion is: DO NOT USE Domino Designer 10 at any chance! My latest „working“ solution was always 9.0.1FP7 - and I’ll never update this until I can see any progress.

Domino is a great server platform but from my point of view the Designer part is the Achilles heel. The client is dead since ages and even V11 won’t resurrect it. DDE won’t get a refresh so I am looking forward to the new stuff HCL is working on like Leap and the other Low-Code stuff for Domino. DDE is not Low-Code by the way.

I wish HCL all the best with Domino as a server platform but I think they should drop DDE asap.

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Oliver Busse wrote on 18.09.2019, 21:56

John, there was an additional "o" - it should be "broth"

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John D wrote on 04.09.2019, 16:07

I have to ask, what the heck is brooth?

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