Quick-Tip: Solving issues with Fixpack installer on Linux

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 4:35 PM UTC

Some days ago I encountered a problem for the first time installing a Fixpack for Domino on Linux. I don’t know why I didn’t come across with that before but I guess I was lucky until then. The problem was that the install script stopped immediately right after hitting ENTER in the console. The OS was Ubuntu server 16.04 LTS.

With the help from the XPages Slack (domino-admin channel) I got a solution. I thank Martin Jinoch for his effort in sorting this out for and with me! Smile

If you experience troubles as described above then first check the error log file which is called nuish.err which is in the same folder as the install script. If it says

Can't use 'defined(@array)' (Maybe you should just omit the defined()?) at /tmp/linux64/domino/tools/lib/NIC.pm line 80. Compilation failed in require at /tmp/linux64/domino/tools/lib/CdPath.pl line 80.

then just do so:

Open the named file „NIC.pm“ and scroll to line 80. You will find a line like this:

if(defined(@{$scr->{target_hosts}})) {

Just change it to

if(@{$scr->{target_hosts}}) {

i.e. remove the defined(…) stuff. Don't forget to remove the closing parenthesis, too!

Save the file and re-run the install script again - it will work.

The reason for it seems to be a Perl version which is just too new for the script which wants version 5. I never had any problems like this on Ubuntu server 14.04. I don’t know much about Perl, but hey, as long as it works now, I don’t care about it anyway. Cool

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