Tim's week

Friday, May 16, 2014 at 11:14 PM UTC

The past week deserves only one name:

Tim Tripcony

Tim passed away last weekend. He was one of the community members everyone heard of, read about or listened to over the years. I first have to admit that I never met him in person. I only listened to his contributions he made to NotesIn9. Most of the time I couldn't follow his genius solutions and tricks but at least I tried. I am sure I am using code that he was involved to in my own applications (taken from XSnippets or other sources).

I cannot call him a friend, I never had any conversation to him via Skype or something. But the news about his death (received me on Monday this week) hit me. I think this is a new, another way of feeling, when you realise that someone from "your" community is gone. Until now I don't know what happened. This is - for some reason - the first question that comes in mind: "what the hell happened?" Especially when someone dies at this young age.

But it's not the important question for me right now. I am currently joining the Google Hangout that some of the people arranged who where closest to him. Thank you for us being a part of it! Though technical issues this was a great idea. It is not the way of doing something but DOING it anyway in this case.

I am not religous, I didn't pray for anyone (though I was thinking of the ones that he was important to). But what I learned from the last days is:

  • be kind to yourself and to others
  • share whatever you can - even if it might be little
  • be open minded in what you are saying or doing
  • stay curious
  • enjoy life

The gap he left cannot be closed - but this is how to remember family members, friends and colleagues. The gap reminds us of them and this is just right.

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