Back again and new

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 at 12:37 AM UTC

I am honored and humbled to be announced as an HCL Master for 2020 - thanks to all who nominated me!

When IBM decreased the number of IBM Champions back in 2018 I didn't get the ticket for 2019 - which was perfectly fine for me. I was really silent during the conversion from IBM to HCL.

Now, with HCL being in full spin for the products we called "ICS" before I had the chance to return to them - at least for all Domino related stuff. I wasn't that diligent that I wanted to be but somehow I managed to take a closer look to V11 betas, Nomad and Leap. My main concern was to inform my customers which was really satisfying and was appreciated over all.

The Node.js topic was also on my agenda when it started and I really enjoyed the discussions during the past Engage in Brussels.

In the end I got appreciation being nominated and chosen as an HCL Master for 2020. I am really proud of being amongst those other famous and talented people around the globe who also share the same enthusiasm for the products of HCL CWP.

Thank you all! Smile

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