Quick-Tip: Re-ordering Watch faces not working

Monday, October 14, 2019 at 4:06 PM UTC

I just solved a little issue with the Watch app on iOS. With several wtach faces installed on my Apple Watch I wanted to re-order them. There is a button (link) for this in the Watch app - but it did not work for me. It was just unresponsive, no touch/click possible for me.

The place for this action is quite unusual for Apple apps. It's just a "link" within the app layout. With this in mind I got an idea: I am using a different font size on my phone (a little bigger than usual). Once I went to the settings, display, font size and changed it back and forth, I was able to click that action instantly to re-order my watch faces.

I had issues like that several times after updates. So keep in mind that if you updated your devices to a new iOS version and something is not working properly, try to set and reset settings that somewhat correspond to the desired functionality - in most cases it then will work.

Alternatively you can re-order the faces on the watch directly by 3D touching (yes, it's still available on the watch!) your current watch face until the customize button appears. To re-order tap and hold only the name of the watch face, not the face itself. Wait a second and then you are able to re-order it.

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