Quick-Tip: Kill Domino server tasks reliably

Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 9:49 AM UTC

I just ran into a weird behaviour on one of my local Domino running on Linux: the server was not available but there were all processes active when I fired top in the console. But they weren't really active as CPU time was below 1% - which is suspicous.

pstree gave the answer: several "Zombie" processes like router or pop3 were still around.

A simple

killall -u notes

did not work out. I learned that killall just sends the SIGTERM command to the process. In this case I needed something even harder, the SIGKILL command.

I finally ended up with a

killall -s SIGKILL -u notes

to evaporate all the Zombies - and I was able to start the server normally afterwards Smile

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