Everything is "smart" today - but this one really is!

Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 11:30 AM UTC

This is another quick review of a new gadget I got today: the SmartTurtle.

It's basically a stand for your smart phone which comes as a sack full of granulated material (I guess polymer), has some rubber lines on it for tight stand on the surface to put it on and with a nano-adhesive plate which holds your phone tight.

The adhesive is genius: the device stays in place and you can even lift the SmartTurtle while you grab your phone - very powerful. But: it of course doesn't soil the surface of your device - and it even works with a cover on the device like I have (the original Apple cover for iPhone 6s).

For about 30-33 EUR you get a gadget that is very handy, you can take it with you everywhere and even on your car's dashboard.


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