Mac & I - Seperation and Combining

Monday, October 17, 2016 at 10:24 PM UTC

The idea of the past days was to separate my various workspaces I am using. I have a work-workspace that was located in our work-room (yes, we have something like this for different tasks) and a space where my home recording studio resides. The latter was a mess. Cables, devices, computers, monitors - and instruments of course. As I am using my Macbook Pro on a daily basis now for private stuff I wanted to have some new structures:

  • a dedicated place to work, 2 monitor setup on my company’s Lenovo Thinkpad (Windows)
  • a second space for my studio work with my Macbook Pro as the driving machine with an external display and various periphery
  • a third workplace just for my spare time which is located in our work-room.

I have to say that the new work place and the studio are based in our living room (hardly used), so it had to be a discreet setup without any messy cables and massive technical stuff. I am pretty sure it will become like that, but that’s another story.

The third (spare time) workplace is also used with the Macbook Pro but I plan to buy a iMac 27“ soon for it - if I can find a cheap one on Ebay (about 800 bucks, it doesn’t need to be the latest or a 5k). This machine then is intended to be used in the work-room for nothing else than fun. I think next month would be the right time for it…

To get more space and storage room in the living room area (for the dedicated work place and studio) I first removed my Roland V-Drum kit. I wasn’t playing it for months now and I doubt to play it again due to my injury on my wrist which will keep me from using it properly for the upcoming months. I will not sale it because I love it. There may be a time when I unpack it again, assemble it and play a few hours. It was so easy to disassemble it, so kudos to Roland and the very well crafted hardware! It perfectly fit into a big trolley I already had and used it only once.

With the new space given I made a plan. I already had some IKEA stuff here: a Jerker computer desk (without the main plate, it’s vanished somewhere in the basement I think…), a 2x4 Kallax and a self-made counter made of a plate from a TV furniture. This was my main desk for the studio stuff.

Today I bought another Kallax 1x4, put the 2x4 on the side (4x2) as a room divider and also a desk plate (Linnmon 120x60) with stands (on rolls called Krille) as a main desk. I also bought some boxes for loose stuff. After 2h of assembling everything and having a mess with cables, devices, crap and everything I reached a state of „stability“ and „order“ - after all about 10 hours of work. The only interruption I had was visiting the doctor to get rid off my cast and closing examination (about 1 hour).

I’t still not finished but I can start to work again tomorrow (after 6 weeks) on my new work space. In the afternoon I will finish the studio setup which is now very simplified - thanks to the change to the Mac (no USB hassle, no drivers, no nothing).

Sometimes it’s good to separate things and I wanted to use my stuff where I want without exploiting my company’s machine, not to forget: it’s a Windows box…

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